About This Site

Our History & Future!

This site was founded over a decade ago - way back in 2008 right as the subprime housing led recession crashed the global economy - to offer free tools which help people figure out their mortgage payments. We offer some simple / fast at-a-glance tools to help people get a quick idea of their core mortgage payments, but our most popular page on the site is our advanced calculator which lets people see the full cost of ownership inclusive of PMI, HOA, insurance and other costs of ownership. Over the past decade we have redesigned the site a couple times to make it look more modern and work well across mobile devices using responsive design.


One of the biggest user complaints we have had has been using the .info domain extension. In light of that we recently bought the matching .com domain name to further upgrade the site.

We moved a copy of the site over and intended to redirect this site over right away, but the version of the site on the .com name had a few errors, so we undid the cross-site redirect while we work through fixing those last few minor issues. We intend to move to the new version of our domain name soon. When you visit any page on our current website in the future it should automatically redirect from this domain to the equivalent page on the new domain name. Bookmarks should continue to work even after we fully move this site across to the new domain name.

As Seen In

While this site has not been marketed aggressively, its aesthetic simplicity coupled with feature-rich tools has led to the site receiving millions of visitors over the years. We do not have a PR team or a dedicated marketing staff, but hundreds of webmasters who have visited our website liked it enough that they shared it on a variety of prominent websites including the following.

A Nation of Moms Logo. Benzinga Logo. BOTW Logo. Credible Logo. Credit dot com Logo. Curlie Logo. Debt dot com Logo. FICOH Logo. Gobankingrates Logo. Mortgage dot info Logo.

If you share our site we appreciate it as it helps others find it, which helps us grow the site out and fund further improvements to it.

User Privacy

This site is delivered over HTTPS using a security certificate to protect your privacy. If you try to view the HTTP version of our website it will automatically redirect you to the HTTPS version of our website. This makes it harder for third parties to try to track or spy on you.



This site syndicates rate information from Brown Bag Media. Brown Bag Media may receive compensation when people click on these listings. When they are compensated, they share some of the compensation with our website. The BBM privacy policy is published online if you would like to read it & learn more about their policies. It is located at https://widgets.icanbuy.com/privacy.htm

Some home buyers are uncertain of which loan programs they qualify for. We also offer access to the Mortgage Research Center's lending network through a form where users input their information to get matched with lenders. The MRC privacy policy is available online at https://www.mortgageresearchcenter.com/privacy/

We do not carry any other ads on our website and have no interest in joining irrelevant affiliate programs or showing distracting traditional banner ads. Most people don't like that stuff & we don't either.

If we ever work with any other networks this page will be promptly updated to reflect any other such commercial arrangements.

Do You Have Website Feedback?

We have web analytics installed across the site to help us locate any problems users are having with the site and to improve the site based on user feedback. If you have any suggestions for further improving our site, please send an email to feedback @ our domain and we will promptly incorporate your advice and ideas to further improve the site.