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As one of the leading mortgage websites which has been online over a decade we provide calculators to help other real estate portals sell more homes.

You can see a copy of our calculator below.

Our calculators use PHP to set defaults and enable dynamic variable overrides while using JavaScript for calclations so the results appear instantaneously without requiring another page load.

Example Calculator

Here is an example calculator you can embed in your website.

Mortgage Calculator

Cool Features

  • Style: This calculator does not have any styles appled to it so that it can flexibly fit in any website.
    • There are no graphics in the embed code and the iframe is set to allowtrasparency, so we do not clash with your site's colors.
    • If you want to style it you can set CSS styling the embed ID is mcembed.
    • One could include style="background-color: green;" in the iframe embed or use JavaScript to apply styles to the iframe.
  • Size: This calculatoris designed to be minimalistic.
    • You can edit the width of the div embed code to make it as wide or narrow as you like.
    • By default it is set to only 200px, so it can fit in the content portion of a page or the sidebar without needing to worry about responsive web design issues arising.
  • Encrypted: Every page on this site is protected through a secure certificate.
    • Your users stay safe.
    • You do not get any mixed content warnings.
  • Automated Calculations: When any input is changed the results are automatically calculated.
    • This means you keep your users on your website rather than sending them off to another site.
    • Prospective homebuyers can instantly calculate various loan scenarios in a matter of seconds.
  • Optional Dynamic Variables: Set the loan amount, home price, interest rate, loan term and even the currency code as you see fit.
    • In different parts of the world currency symbols, home price ammounts, interest rates, and loan terms all vary widely depending on local inflation rates and relative currency values.
    • This calculator allows you to either use our defaults (which are roughly aligned with the average home in the US market) or automatically set defaults on a per page or sitewide basis.

Embed Codes

You can embed a calculator which allows you to set variables, one which does not use variables, or a third one which allows you to set variables and allows end users to create printable amortization schedules. All three calculators look identical to the end user with the exception the third calculator has a loan amortization button at the bottom of it.

Embed Code With Dynamic Variables You Can Set

Embed Code Without Any Dynamic Variables

Embed Code With Dynamic Variables & Amortization

Dynamic Variables

You can pass variables from your listing into the calculator. The part in bold here is what you would edit.$

Variable Function Description
value home value The price of the home.
down down payment the amount of money the borrower is applying toward the home
amount loan amount the amount borrowed
rate interest rate the rate of interest charged in the loan. APR % as a whole number
years loan term how long the loan's amortization schedule lasts
cur currency symbol the currency symbol used in your target market

Use Any Currency Symbol

Many mortgage calculator scripts are available for the US market, but when you get into other markets it is much harder to find a suitable script. for that reason we allow you to set the currency code so this script works well globally.

The table below lists over a hundred different currency symbols.

If you wanted to edit the calculator to output Macedonian denar then you would edit the above embed code from &cur=$ to &cur=ден

Symbol Uses Notes Unicode
¤ Generic currency sign Used when the correct symbol is not available.
؋ Afghan afghani
Ar Malagasy ariary
฿ Thai baht Used for Bitcoin in cases where the Bitcoin Sign is unavailable U+0E3F ฿
B/. Panamanian balboa
Br Ethiopian birr; Belarusian ruble
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency U+20BF ₿ BITCOIN SIGN
Bs.S. Venezuelan bolívar variant Usually Bs.
GH₵ Ghana cedi
¢ cent, centavo, etc. A centesimal subdivision of currencies such as the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexican peso. (See article.) See also c
c cent etc. variant Preferred by currencies such as the Australian, New Zealand, South African cents; the West African CFA centime; and the divisions of the euro. See also ¢
Ch. Bhutanese chhertum A centesimal division of the ngultrum.
Costa Rican colón, symbol was also used for the Salvadoran colón. The Salvadoran colón was discontinued in 2001 and it was replaced by the US dollar. U+20A1
C$ Nicaraguan córdoba
D Gambian dalasi
ден Macedonian denar Latin form: DEN
دج Algerian dinar Latin form: DA
.د.ب Bahraini dinar Latin form: BD
د.ع Iraqi dinar Latin form: I.Q.D.
JD Jordanian dinar
د.ك Kuwaiti dinar Latin form: K.D.
ل.د Libyan dinar Latin form: LD
дин Serbian dinar Latin form: din.
د.ت Tunisian dinar Latin form: DT
د.م. Moroccan dirham Latin forms: DH; Dhs
د.إ United Arab Emirates dirham Latin forms DH; Dhs
Db São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
$ Australian (A$), Bahamian (B$), Barbadian (Bds$), Belizean (BZ$), Bermudian (BD$), Brunei (B$), Canadian (CA$), Cayman Islands (CI$), East Caribbean (EC$), Fiji (FJ$), Guyanese (G$),[6] Hong Kong (HK$/元/圓), Jamaican (J$), Kiribati, Liberian (L$), Namibian (N$), New Zealand (NZ$), Singaporean (S$), Solomon Islands (SI$), Surinamese (SRD), New Taiwan (NT$/元/圓), Trinidad and Tobago (TT$), Tuvaluan (TV$), and United States (US$), dollars May appear with either one or two bars (), which share the same Unicode space. U+0024 $ DOLLAR SIGN
Kiribati's and Tuvalu's dollars are pegged 1:1 to the Australian dollar. Brunei's dollar is pegged 1:1 to the Singaporean dollar. See also C$, MOP$, R$, T$, WS$.
Argentine, Chilean (CLP$), Colombian (COP$), Cuban ($MN), Cuban convertible (CUC$), Dominican (RD$), Mexican (Mex$), and Uruguayan ($U) pesos
Vietnamese đồng U+20AB ₫ DONG SIGN
Armenian dram U+058F ֏ ARMENIAN DRAM SIGN
Esc Cape Verdean escudo Also the double-barred dollar sign (cifrão): 
Euro In addition to the members of the eurozone, the Vatican, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra have been granted issuing rights for coinage but not banknotes. U+20AC € EURO SIGN
ƒ Aruban florin (Afl.)
Netherlands Antillean guilder (NAƒ)
Ft Hungarian forint
FBu Burundian franc
FCFA Central African CFA franc Pegged 1:1 to West African CFA franc.
CFA West African CFA franc Pegged 1:1 to Central African CFA franc.
F Comorian (CF), Congolese (CF, FC), Djiboutian (Fdj/DF), Guinean (FG/GFr), and Swiss (SFr) francs Also Fr and possibly ₣.[citation needed] (The F with a double bar, although represented in Unicode as 'U+20A3 ₣ FRENCH FRANC SIGN', was proposed but never adopted as the symbol of the former French franc. In some fonts, this code point is represented by Fr combined in a typographic ligature).
Fr, fr
FRw Rwandan franc Possibly also RF and RFr
G Haitian gourde
gr Polish grosz A centesimal division of the złoty
Paraguayan guaraní or 
h Czech haléř A centesimal division of the koruna
Ukrainian hryvnia
Lao kip or ₭N. U+20AD
Czech koruna
kr Danish krone (DKK); Norwegian krone (NOK); Swedish krona (SEK); Icelandic króna (ISK); Faroese króna Faroese króna pegged 1:1 to Danish krone, which is in turn pegged to the Euro through the ERM.
kn Croatian kuna
Kz Angolan kwanza
K Myanmar kyat; Papua New Guinean kina; Malawian kwacha; Zambian kwacha
Georgian lari U+20BE ₾ LARI SIGN
L Albanian lek; Romanian leu; Moldovan leu; Honduran lempira Also used as the currency symbol for the Lesotho one-loti and the Swazi one-lilangeni note. Also historically used for as a pound sign
Le Sierra Leonean leone
лв. Bulgarian lev
E Swazi lilangeni Symbol based on the plural form "emalangeni" However the one-lilageni note employs the currency symbol L
lp Croatian lipa A centesimal division of the kuna.
Turkish lira U+20BA ₺ TURKISH LIRA SIGN
M Lesotho loti Symbol based on plural form "maloti". The one-loti note employs the symbol L
Azerbaijani manat Also m. or man. U+20BC ₼ MANAT SIGN
KM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark Cyrillic form: КМ
MT Mozambican metical Also MTn
Mill, mil, etc. An uncommon millesimal subdivision of US dollars and other currencies. (See mill (currency).) U+20A5
Nfk Eritrean nakfa Also Nfa[14]
Nigerian naira U+20A6
Nu. Bhutanese ngultrum
UM Mauritanian ouguiya
T$ Tongan paʻanga
MOP$ Macanese pataca Also 圓 and 元
p Alderney, British, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Manx and Saint Helena pennies The penny is now a centesimal division of the pound.
Philippine peso Also ₱, PHP, and P. U+20B1
pt Egyptian piastre A centesimal division of the Egyptian pound. A local symbol used in handwriting and occasionally print is represented by a stylised form of "Arabic Letter Dotless Qaf" ٯ placed above the digits. Due to inflation and lack of computer support its use is dwindling.
£ Alderney, British, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Manx and Saint Helena pounds Also L. All, except EGP, are pegged 1:1 to GBP. U+00A3 £ POUND SIGN
EGP also abbreviated "L.E." (for French livre égyptienne), and, in Arabic, ج.م.
Egyptian pound (E£) A local symbol used in handwriting and occasionally print is represented by a stylised dotless form of "Arabic Letter Jeem" ح placed above the digits, (visually similar to حــ ). Due to lack of computer support its use is dwindling.
LL Lebanese pound
LS Syrian pound
P Botswana pula
Q Guatemalan quetzal
q Albanian qindarkë A centesimal division of the lek.
R South African rand Also sometimes Russian etc. rubles.
R$ Brazilian real The $ is sometimes written with a double bar like a double-barred dollar sign: 
Iranian rial U+FDFC ﷼ RIAL SIGN
ر.ع. Omani rial
ر.ق Qatari riyal Latin: QR
ر.س Saudi riyal Latin: SR. Also ﷼
ر.ي Yemeni rial
Cambodian riel
RM Malaysian ringgit
Pridnestrovie ruble
Russian ruble U+20BD ₽
Rf. Maldivian rufiyaa Also MRf., MVR and .ރ
Indian rupee Previously ₨ or Re (before 15 July 2010). U+20B9 ₹ INDIAN RUPEE SIGN
Mauritian, Nepalese (N₨/रू.), Pakistani and Sri Lankan (SLRs/රු) rupees U+20A8 ₨ RUPEE SIGN
SRe Seychellois rupee Also SR
Rp Indonesian rupiah
Israeli new shekel U+20AA ₪ NEW SHEQEL SIGN
Tsh Tanzanian shilling Also TSh
Ksh Kenyan shilling Also KSh
Sh.So. Somali shilling
USh Ugandan shilling
S/ Peruvian sol
SDR Special drawing rights
, сом Kyrgyzstani som : Early in 2017 the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic approved an underlined C as new currency symbol.[20]
Bangladeshi Taka Also Tk U+09F3 ৳
WS$ Samoan tālā Symbol based on previous name "West Samoan tala". Also T and ST. See also $.
Kazakhstani tenge U+20B8 ₸ TENGE SIGN
Mongolian tögrög U+20AE
VT Vanuatu vatu
North Korean won; South Korean won U+20A9 ₩ WON SIGN
¥ Japanese yen (円/圓); Chinese Renminbi yuan (元/圆) Used with one and two crossbars. U+00A5 ¥ YEN SIGN, U+FFE5 ¥ FULLWIDTH YEN SIGN
円 (en, lit. "circle") is usually used in Japan.
元 is also used in reference to the Macanese pataca and the Hong Kong and Taiwanese dollars.
Polish złoty

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