Mortgage Amortization Calculator.

Mortgage Amortization Schedule Calculator

This calculator estimates the loan payment for a mortgage inclusive of property taxes, homeowners insurance, PMI & HOA fees.

Usage Instructions: If a the left column of a row contains a "$" you can enter the input amount directly in the right column as a dollar amount, or you can select prefilled percents from the drop down menus in the left column to automatically calculate the equivalent percent in the right column.

Change any input and the calculator will automatically update the monthly payments. Once you are done making adjustments, click on the "Amortization Schedule" button to quickly generate a printable loan amortization table of the loan's principal & interest payments. The calculator can be reset to its original state using the "reset" button. The square footage field is optional feature for people who want to calculate the cost per square foot.

Input Amount
Purchase Price:
Down Payment:
Mortgage loan amount:
Interest rate (APR):
Mortgage term in years:
Annual taxes:
Annual insurance:
Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI):
Monthly HOA fee:
Square footage (optional):
Monthly principal and interest payment:
Monthly taxes, insurance, and fees:
Total monthly payments:
Cost per square foot (price / sq. ft.):

Current Mortgage Rates

The following table highlights locally available current mortgage rates.

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