Mortgage Payoff Calculator.

Want to pay off your home loan quicker? Enter how many years you'd like to pay off your loan in, what your current outstanding balance is, and the loan's APR. Then enter the principal & interest (P&I) portion of your current monthly loan payment and we will tell you how much extra you need to add to each monthly payment to pay off your loan in the number of years you specified. We'll also compute your interest savings generated by paying off your loan faster. If you enter your current monthly loan payment with other fees included (such as property taxes, homeowners insurance & anything else you may have rolled into your monthly payments) we'll also calculate the new monthly payment inclusive of the other costs of homeownership.

Mortgage Payoff Goal Calculator

Input Description Amount
Years you would like to pay off your mortgage in:
Current remaining balance owed:
Annual interest rate:
Current monthly payment amount (principal & interest portion):
OPTIONAL: Monthly payment with fees (must be greater than P&I portion):
Total interest savings:
Additional monthly payment required:
New monthly P&I payment:
New total monthly payment (if option entered above):

Current Mortgage Rates

The following table highlights locally available current mortgage rates.

Paying Off Home Loan.